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Safety  of  AITOUR E-Bikes

a. cutting-off braking

b. 3D spokes straight to hub,no bending.The fixed points are very safe

c. anti-puncture tyre,free of punctures

d. reflectors

e. braking light

f. turning light

g. automatically lighting

h. European EN 15194/EN14764/EN50604/L1E-A/L1E-B


Performance  of  AITOUR E-Bikes

aLlight weight from carrier/fork/parts/6061 alloy

b.Screws are anti-dust,all parts except rubber are anti-dust

c.Computerized smooth start/stop.When you start and stop, you will feel smooth movement.

d.Adjustable stem and seat post.

e.Comfortable double suspension fork

f.Walk aid 6km/h

g.USB connection for charging smart phone.

h.Very strong and powerful engine.

How to get AITOUR?

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High level luxury versatile ebikes:

AITOUR unique,high level ebikes has extra powerful and silent engine/motor (90Nm matching sine wave controllers at 630Wh(17.5Ah) reaching the biggest rage and longest life in ebike section.A luxury ebike with the highest level of quality components giving maxium performance and reliability.

AITOUR with numbers

2 years’ battery warranty
5 fashionable cargobikes and tricycle to choose
6 years’ guarantee for most components
7 Shimano Nexus gears
8 Nuvinci automatic gears
9 D-core computer programmed assist levels

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